Welcome to the Kirtland AFB Administrative Record, Feel free to try our new Advanced Search feature.


Welcome to the Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) office’s Administrative Record (AR). The KAFB AR uses a 'Tree Style' navigation system to locate documents. The Tree Style navigation folders may be accessed on the left side of this screen.

We recommend using the “By Site and Process” tree. It contains a listing of all the sites associated with the KAFB AR. First select the plus sign next to the By Site and Process folder. Then, simply scroll to the desired site and click on the site name which will display a listing of all documents for the site in chronological order. Or you may select the + sign for the desired site which will display a set of categories. These categories may aid in finding the desired document. An underlined category means there are documents available in that category. After you select either the site name or a category, the following fields are displayed in the results pane on the right side of the screen, Document Date, Title, Author, Recipient and Document Type. The documents may be accessed by clicking on the blue file number hyperlink. This will launch the Acrobat viewer which allows for printing, viewing, and text searching of the document.


To access all of the documents for all KAFB’s AR sites, click on Index. This file may take a little extra time to load. This will display a list of all the documents for all sites in chronological order.

A help document may be accessed at any time by clicking on the 'Help' link located on the top left of the navigation tree.